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Wednesday, 10 February 2010



I ONCE AGAIN TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU DEAR FELLOW ATHEIST RICHARD. Malignant Man-Made RELIGION is the Greatest Force For Hate and Homophobia and Evil and Ignorance the World Has Ever Known. In the Lastest Issue of The Freedom from Religion Newsletter Are Several Quotes which highlight this tragic fact:
1."Which came first? The slaughter or the "excuse" for the slaughter? Maybe that is one of religion's functions: to give meaning to our relentless, mindless slaughter of one another. We can't be killing for no reason!....We are at war. Forever. With our own ignorance. Religion, by any other name." Columnist Chris Jepson 2. "God: This multi-purpose tool has allowed billions to soothe their mortal fears while excusing a wide variety of unconscionable actions such as mass murder and war and homophobia." The Onion on Man's Greatest Murderous Invention: God 3. "People sometimes tell me that they'll pray for me. I just respond, "I will THINK For You !!!" Baylor University Senior Oscar Boleman, on being an atheist at a Baptist college. ( from Religion Foundation Website) From Val John Barlow, St Louis, Missouri

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