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Tuesday, 05 January 2010



Once Again, I Totally Agree with You Dear Fellow Gay Atheist Richard. Malignant Man-Made Religion is the Enemy of All Human Progress and Has Caused Massive Pain and Suffering and Murder and Mayhem Throughout History. Monstrous Religion is the Primary Reason that Gay Americans and Gay Human Beings Worldwide Do NOT Have Equal Rights or Equality and Dignity under the law. Malignant Religion is the Evil Foundation of Homophobia and Hate Worldwide, as recently seen in Uganda. It is Vital That All Thinking Human Beings and Particularly Gay Human Beings Reject Evil Religion and Actively Work for a World where Reason and Rationality Prevail over the Lies and Falsehoods and Myths and Superstitions of Malignant Murderous Religion. The Wonderful Freedom from Religion Foundation ( Has Issued the Following Proclamation in This New Year: AT THIS Holiday SEASON OF THE NEW YEAR:
No Devils, No Angels,
No Heaven or Hell,
THERE is Only
Our Natural World.
Religion is But
Myth and Superstition
That Hardens Hearts
And Enslaves Minds.
From the Freedom From Religion Foundation
HAPPY NEW YEAR: May Reason Prevail! There Are NO gods, No heaven or hell ! Just This Natural World !! ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST !!! And BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE !!! Not for some imaginary, savage, sadistic, and murderous sky god, who savagely murdered everyone on earth in a Great Flood(Noah)according to the Barbaric Bronze Age Bible! also known as the BuyBull!!! WITH BEST WISHES FROM VAL JOHN BARLOW OF ST LOUIS, MISSOURI

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