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Tuesday, 07 April 2009


Alan down in Florida

Interesting piece on gender nonconformity studies although I might question the assumption.

It might be that the early expression of gender nonconformity causes the child to be pigeonholed early by society and put on the fast track to a non-sexual queerness that ultimately becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in sexual expression. By this I mean that those non-conforming children seek each other out for nonjudgmental comfort and, fully aware of their otherness, are more likely to interact sexually with those who accept them as they are, especially if their otherness has deprived them of full parental love. Same sex expression is much easier for the lonely child desperate for affection and at adolesence the body reacts to any intimate touch - regardless of gender.

It's sort of like how certain professions draw high percentages of gays and lesbians. It's not that the professions themselves are necessarily "gay" in and of themselves but they have historically been professions that have been welcoming of gays and lesbians and so that is where we gravitate to to find other "others" and be ourselves.

So is the nonconforming behavior a predictor of homsexuality or does this non-sexual behavior actually put the child, possibly subconsciously for all involved, on a life path that eventually makes same-sex behavior a logical outcome?

Andrew up in New England

Wow this was a great piece! I'm glad i read it but I still need to watch John Barrowman's video. Indians and Romans huh? That's cute, Richard!

Alan -- great thought. I would say that is hard to explain. Although I would be more inclined to say that life's experiences make you who you are; they mold you.

Looking back I can think of several experiences (out of the normal) that I always remember when I question my sexuality.

One of my questions are... Do we finally find ourselves (or our answers) at that moment of Life & Death?

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