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Thursday, 16 April 2009



Completely true.

Next time tell us what you think of "Queer Eye..."

Of course, for straight marriage there is "Malcolm in the Middle", and "Love and Marriage", the latter of which was the only show I absolutely refused to let my children watch.


Yep, I couldn't stand that show. The characters were awful and irritating.


I completely agree. And not for one minute do I believe that the guy who played Will was straight.


And people wonder why I don't watch tv.


Don't blame the actors, or the writers. Well maybe you can but who's to say... It's the producers? Afterall they have the final say (ya know the one's shelling all the money). It's America that isn't quite there yet on homosexuality. It's a multitude of a bunch of things.

While I agree this show was damaging to stereotypes (mostly gay). It broke through at the time and was at times entertaining.

I can see everyone standing their ground on their viewpoint of this tv show (or TV in general) So I won't get into that. But from my point of view this show holds a memory. I was young when this show was popular and in seasons. My mom used to watch this show on the couch after our family dinner. I would sit there and pretend I didn't want to watch it in fear that I might out myself, somehow.

The show brought insight for someone who had none.

Alan down in Florida

The show obviously was embraced in a positive manner by mainstream America or it never would have generated the kind of ratings it did. I doubt that Nielsen has a special gay panel that gooses the ratings.

Yes it was Amos & Andy-ish but isn't every sitcom? Surely you don't want us to believe every white woman over the age of 50 is a "Golden Girl."

The joy of the show was the fact that the gay characters were no more neurotic than the straight characters. It always reminded me of Christopher Bram's "Surprising Myself" which not only centered on gay characters but those characters were the most "normal" of all the characters. Will & Grace, in it's own way, was a comedic version of Thirty-Something in which everyone was thoroughly and EQUALLY neurotic.

Will & Grace's difference was that some of the characters were gay and yet a large number of Americans embraced these characters despite of their stereotypical queerness.

Alex from germany

It was shit.
A totally stereotype loaded show. It is not for gay audience, but for straight audience and straight audience interest could never be to watch deep and 3d characters that are gay, because it does not interest them.
The truth is, if a show ought to be with honest gay characters it is automatically NOT for straight audience.
We are minority, if we want to see a series on gay character without compromise it probably won't be on the big networks. Expect more from Logo or Showtime.


I'll be honest, i liked that show as a sitcom, but i hated it as any kind of representation of gay life. It wouldn't kill them to include a decent homophobia plot like other shows would do with racism and sexism. Come to think of it, the only gay controversy they covered was a gay kiss on a some soap that got cut from broadcast (think ATWT Luke and Noah mistletoe scene)

On the plus side, none of the actors have really been that successful after the fact.


Yeah it was all about stereotypes and everytime Will got a boyfrend I hoped for a little more honesty, Megan Mullaly's role was really the only thing that kept me coming back for the first three years. As for straight actors playing gay...they are the only ones willing to! I'm thinking Brokeback Mountain here. Gay actors who actually play gay a role will never get the romantic lead in another big budget film again. I'm thinking of Rupert Evert. Not even Madonna could resurrect his career, or did she kill it? Straight actors? Well, they were just acting after all. Wink, wink. It's not a perfect world. Why we would expect to find one on TV beats me.


I hated that show for the stupid laugh track it had. The show sucked but every time I heard that laughter I had to dive for the remote to turn it off! And those plots were so stupid! How fucking annoying!


You could have at least asked for a copy you could resell for a quick $15 on Amazon.

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