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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Alan down in Florida

I worry that younger generations have no concept of irony much less satire.

Richard Hunter

I love this show... and I think most straight people won't even 'get' all the messages you are pointing out here. Most of the 'straight' people I've asked about the show think it is Just about vampires.

Remember everybody is not as smart as us gays. Satire goes over the head of a lot of people, even people who watch HBO.

One of the things I do really like about this show is that our vampire hero doesn't take any shit from anybody who tries to mess with him. He crushes the jerks who tried to drain him... he kills the evangelicals who rage against vampires on TV. He's a good role model for us queers who worry about gay bashing. Go get the fuckers, bash them back!

HBO is so ahead of the main stream USA mass media market. True Blood is what it is... a break thru in using people's fear of vampires as a metaphor for their fear of gays.

Besides Suckie's red neck brother looks so fucking sexy tied to the bed. !
I'd fuck him!


This isn't an original idea, it's based on a series of books by Charline Harris. I haven't been able to get into the plot much, seeing that I know pretty much exactly what's going to happen so far having read the books, and the acting's pretty atrocious, but I like a good fantasy series, and the naked guys make it worthwhile. Personally, I like seeing something on film about a minority who says "don't fuck with me, or else". I don't see any connection to AIDS personally. It's all about bigotry.

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