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Thursday, 01 May 2008


Alan down in Florida

Wonder whose idea the threesomes were in the first place. I think it would say a lot about the dynamic. If it was Dina's idea then I would say she knew at some level that her soon-to-be husband was into guys. If it was Jimmy boy then that's almost an admission of queertude. Straight men want extra women in their threesomes not other dudes. If I were a woman that would set off all the gay alarms, sirens, bells and whistles.

My own bias also says that straight men who prefer anal sex with women prior to child bearing have got deep gay issues they really should address.

My guess is the threesomes were Jimmy boy's idea. Probably only way he could get it up for that barracuda was to have another guy (and a cute one at that) in the room at the time.

The chauffeur driver looks very young and very naive. Poor baby.

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