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Saturday, 17 June 2006


J A Johnson


You hit the nail on the head with the EU's lack of response to the Dubya regime. I've wondered about this myself for the last few years.

Furthermore, what about London's lack of response, or anything recently from Ottawa?

We give them lots of money and military presence, is that what it is? Hmm.

I write my congressman and Senators regularly on GLBT issues, but, of course, nothing comes of those. I'm in Nebraska, and even our so called Democratic Senator Nelson votes like a republican.

I love your blog that I read it daily--I have yet to disagree with anything you've written. One question...who are you? I don't see a link to a bio.

Have a fine weekend,


This kind of criticism always carries more weight if the criticized state actually violates some treaty or agreement. Latvia joined the EU quite recently (2004) and agreed to legal reform in a number of areas as a condition of membership. Workplace discrimination was one of those areas, with sexual orientation explicitly being mentioned. Also, member states generally have to implement EU law in their national legislation, unless exceptions are negotiated. EU is also in a position of strength relative to Latvia - Latvia needs EU membership more than the EU needs Latvia as a member.

None of those factors apply to the US, so it is not so surprising that it is treated differently. You mention EU criticism of human rights violations in Asia and in Africa, and that is perhaps more comparable. But if you look at that sort of criticism, it typically concerns more egregious human rights violations than anything the US is guilty of, e.g. executing people because of homosexuality.

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